Helping Students realize their full potential

Donations from alumni, donors and partners including
CTTAM members, has helped RRC Polytech grow into a robust
and agile training institution, able to meet the challenge
of helping technology students to not only successfully
graduate but also to become valued working professionals
in the applied sciences industries.

Donations are tax deductible

CTTAM will graciously accept donations to the RRC Polytech
endowment fund on our members behalf. Donors will receive
a tax receipt directly from RRC Polytech.

In 2022, CTTAM donated $14,000 to the Red River College
Polytech endowment fund for technology scholarships.

Endowment program details

Endowed gifts provide a way to have a lasting, long-term
impact on the College and their students.
Endowments are the perfect vehicle to fund a scholarship,
a bursary or an award. Your gift can:

  • Transform learning and research spaces;
  • Enhance their student experience;
  • Advance Indigenous achievements and
  • Support a specific program area.

It’s easy to donate

You retain the power to change your bequest at any time
as your plans or financial circumstances change.
For more information, please contact Robert Okabe, CTTAM’s
CEO and Registrar, at 204-784-1080.

Information on established endowments and information
how to make a donation, can be found on the RRC Polytech