1. Submit completed CFAA Technical Specialist Application (PDF file) via email to admin@cttam.com.
  2. Applicants must be aware of the CTTAM Act, By-law and Code of Ethics which are available for viewing on CTTAM’s website.
  3. Contact the CTTAM office at 204-784-1081 to arrange payment of the $150 application fee.
  4. Annual dues for CFAA Technicians are $150 and will be pro-rated based on the application date.

Information is available regarding the M-T License on CTTAM’s website at www.cttam.com — “Registration”.

1.  Submit the CTTAM Limited License Registration Form with the $125 application fee and the following documents:

  • Provincial Government Application Form;
  • Provincial Government Self-Declaration of Work Form;
  • Work History Template (signed by the applicant’s supervisor) and
  • Affidavit for M-1 License Eligibility (those meeting the requirements for the M-1 License only)

2.  Applicants must show proof that the on-line electrical safety course has been taken and completed.

Please note that there will be a license fee charged by the Office of the Fire Commissioner for the M-License. 

Link to online electrical safety course

Please contact CTTAM at 204-784-1081 or 204-784-1082 if there are any questions about the application process.