Become a member — requirements and applications

Application process
When you earn certification from CTTAM, you have shown that you are willing to go that extra step by striving to become a professional. As a CTTAM member you have validated to your employer, clients and associates that you have achieved a level of professionalism.

You have earned the right to use one of the following exclusive, protected titles:

  • Certified Technician (C.Tech.)
  • Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.)

Employers, governments, educational institutions and the public in Manitoba and across Canada recognize these titles.

Certification demonstrates that you have:

  • Agreed to uphold and abide by a Code of Ethics, promising to fulfill your duty to the public, the profession and your fellow members;
  • You have been evaluated by your peers and have met a national standard of education and experience;
  • You have made a commitment to your profession and
  • You have made a personal statement that you are a technology professional.

New applicants are required to first submit an online application through the Technology Registrations Canada websiteYou will be required to set up an account on the website and provide information pertaining to your academics and work experience.

We have also provided a document to help you with the application process. It outlines the steps, documents required for submitting an application and the expected timelines. Important notes for applying online (PDF file)

Membership levels
Student membership provides students with resources to assist them in their career path to become a technology professional. This membership is for those enrolled in an appropriate full-time technology program. 

Student membership information (PDF file)  
Student application (PDF File). Application to be filled-out and emailed to CTTAM for approval.

Certified Technician
For professionals with two years of technical experience. All applicants for C.Tech. must be graduates of a two to three year applied science, engineering or information technology technician program, any relevant technical program of less than two years or a military program.  

Certified Technician application handbook (PDF file)
Certified Technician profile (PDF file)

Certified Technologist
For professionals with two years of technical experience.  

Certified Technologist application handbook (PDF file) 
Certified Technologist profile (PDF file)

View the detailed instructions (PDF file) for the detailed instructions regarding applying online at Technology Registrations Canada.

Canadian Fire Alarm Association Technical Specialist
CFAA Technical Specialist application form (PDF file)

Transferring from other provinces
Because other provincial associations in Canada grant similar designations to Manitoba, it is important to note that a designation only has effect within the province in which it was issued. Designations from various associations represent different scopes of practice so individuals who possess designations from another province must apply for a designation transfer.

Click here for information on the inter-provincial transfer process (PDF file) 
Inter-provincial transfer form (PDF file)