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 Basics of Supervising People - Level 1

WHEN: February 27
SPEAKER: Ken Allen, SNAP! Communications and Training

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Define the purpose of leadership and the role of the leader;
  • Identify characteristics of an effective leader;
  • List the key competencies required for effective leadership;
  • Describe the five stages of team development and the benefits of working as a team;
  • Describe the reasons why work doesn’t get done and how to manage employee performance effectively;
  • List the benefits of planning work and describe how best to plan work effectively and
  • Describe situational leadership and how to apply it in terms of delegating tasks.

Registration form (Fillable PDF Form)

  Retirement Paycheque
  WHEN: March 24

SPEAKER: Andrew McGrath, IG Wealth Management

 Topics include: 

  • Finding additional sources of income - TFSA, RSP, RIF, LIRA, LIF
  • Consolidating all your money into a single paycheque
  • Strategies to reduce taxes during retirement
  • Pension options and retirement cash flow
  • New changes to OAS/CPP, Income Splitting and Mortgage Options
  • Wills and Estate Planning, Power of Attorney and Role of the Executor 

More course details, including how to register (PDF File Format)

Industry Events


 Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba's Centennial Gala - April 4
 Annual Awards of Excellence in Consulting Engineering Gala - April 14