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Retirement Paycheque- FREE SEMINAR (added August 18, 2020)

Do You Know Exactly How Much Money You Will Require to Retire Comfortably and Remain Comfortably Retired?

** NEW Changes to CPP, OAS and Pension Plans**


Creating the cash flow you need

Canadians are now living longer than ever before. As a result, the importance of having a sound financial strategy approaching and through retirement has never been greater.


Attend this free event to discover how you can live a worry-free retirement.

**Spouses are welcome to attend**


Topics of this presentation include:

  • Identifying often overlooked risks
  • Finding additional sources of income – TFSA, RSP, RIF, LIRA, LIF
  • Consolidating all your money into a single paycheque
  • Strategies to reduce taxes during retirement
  • Pension options and Retirement cash flow
  • New changes to OAS/CPP, Income Splitting, Mortgage Options
  • Wills and Estate Planning, Power of Attorney, Role of the Executor


 Date: Wednesday, September 23

Location: The Viscount Gort Hotel, 1670 Portage Avenue (The Viscount Room)

Time: 5:30 to 6:45 pm (limited seating)


To register, please call Cathy Penner at CTTAM at 204-784-1082 or send an email to
**** Please note that there is limited seating due to social distancing being in place****


Presented by Andrew M. McGrath

RRC Senior Consultant Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
Office: 204-222-1700 Cell: 204-990-6999