The CTTAM office is open but access is by appointment only. The safety of our staff, members and the public is our number one priority. We have updated our policies and procedures which you need to review before visiting the CTTAM office.

CTTAM COVID-19 Policies and Procedures 

  • All CTTAM staff will conduct the Manitoba Health self-screening tool before entering the office.
  • Staff will stay home if they show any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All staff will be fully informed on physical distancing and sanitizing guidelines with these protocols posted in our office entrance way.
  • Anyone wanting to visit the CTTAM office must first call and arrange for a meeting time. We can be reached at 204-784-1081.
  • Only one visitor will be allowed into the office during the allotted meeting time.
  • Any visitor demonstrating any COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to leave the CTTAM office. If you are sick please stay home.
  • When visiting our office it is preferred if you wear a mask at all times.
  • We also will continue to follow the safe social distancing practices as outlined by Manitoba Public Health.

We are also continually reviewing the latest guidelines provided by our government officials and Canadian public health officials to ensure we are operating with the best possible safety plan in place.

The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce has provided CTTAM with a toolkit entitled, COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit for Manitoba Businesses, that provides guidelines and resources to help businesses plan and adapt to the disruption of COVID-19. 

For more on workplace safety, we have provided a link to Coronavirus (COVID-19): Action Plan for the Workplace (YouTube video)

Information related to coronavirus has the potential to change rapidly. To ensure access to the most up-to-date COVID-19 information, we suggest you frequently visit the Government of Manitoba website.