CTTAM Committees

Panel of Examiners
The Panel of Examiners assess an applicant's academics.  A list of accredited academic programs can be found at www.cctt.ca.   If an applicant's academics are not accredited, it may be determined by the Panel that their education is equivalent to a Technologist because of the length of the program and the program content, but only certification at the Technician level would be approved.   Internationally educated professionals are required to submit a World Education Services (W.E.S.) ICAP academic evaluation that provides an assessment equivalent to Canadian academic standards.  Committee meetings are scheduled as required.

Certification Board
Members of the Certification Board review an applicant's work experience by reviewing their current job description, work history and references.  The applicant's work experience must be at a Technologist level in order to be certified as a C.E.T.   If there is insufficient work experience at the Technologist level, then certification as a Technician (C. Tech.) is awarded.  Committee meetings are scheduled as required.

Leadership & Development

Committee members schedule information sessions at local technical colleges with college students currently enrolled in a technology program.   They are responsible for compiling surveys regarding professional development as well as scheduling mixer events for CTTAM Membership.  Schedule professional development courses/seminars.